Expand succesfully


In the second half of 2015, an American company in laboratory equipment set the next step in international business; they came to Europe. They decided to expand in that region and to settle in the Netherlands, the main reason for this it being a country with a beneficial tax system and a great business climate. They had prepared really well in terms of legal affairs, accountancy and financial affairs. In short, they were all set to go and start reaping the benefits of their expansion.

Once operating, they came to realize that there was one thing they hadn’t anticipated sufficiently. Europe is divided in multiple countries, all having their own way of communicating and interacting. The business behavior is very different in every country and this has quite a big impact on strategic choices and decision making. Knowing what to expect and how to deal with this is a very important asset when setting up your business in Europe.

Outspoken Communication is active in this area for over a decade now. We have helped dozens of international companies align their European strategy with the business goals of head office. We make sure that your next steps in international expansion are made efficiently, so you don’t lose money over unforeseen situations. Even with the best preparation the next step is interacting with people, all having their own perception of what is right, accepted and trustworthy. Outspoken Communication gives you the necessary insights and helps you translate this knowledge to your own business. By making it relevant for you, you can successfully expand and grow within your business field.


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