Expanding overseas offers huge potential. The Netherlands is often seen as the gateway to Europe because of its interesting tax climate, solid infrastructure and lower initial costs. However, expanding and trading in new countries also means you are dealing with a completely different business environment and culture. You as a foreign company need to fulfill local guidelines, work with local people and communicate with local agents and parties.

Dutch Expansion Force is here especially for you to help you understand local procedures and make sure you can anticipate correctly. In order to do that, we have aligned a group of companies that can support you using their own expertise, know-how and networks. Simple and easy, all working together for you, because we want you to be successful in Europe. You don’t need to spend hours searching for the right partners. Dutch Expansion Force combines exactly what you need.

According to a study from consultancy firm IBM, 370 foreign companies entered the Dutch market in 2013, creating about 9200 new jobs. This number has never been higher before. A number of reasons can be mentioned for this. The tax climate is very interesting, generating more business advantages. The Netherlands have a solid infrastructure, both domestic and also towards other European countries, which offers enormous potential for non-European companies in geographical terms. And in terms of labor costs, the Dutch situation is friendlier than for example in Belgium or Germany. According to the survey, most of these new companies originate from the USA, however, also China and India find the Netherlands as their new country of expansion. Another survey from KPMG says that the Netherlands are the most attractive place for business newcomers in 2014. Businesses face lower costs setting up here than elsewhere in Western Europe. Apart from that, measures and incentives for research and development make the Netherlands very interesting for international businesses.

Our values:

  • Quick and transparent – in finding the right partner for your expansion to the Netherlands on 1 single website
  • Easy and relevant – in finding information that helps you further in your expansion
  • Lasting and connected – in building up long term business relationships and connecting people